Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Midnight Mish-Mash

I woke up at a little after midnight last night and just could not manage to lull my jive-talkin' brain back to sleep. For a change of scenery, I moved to the sofa and lay there awake for nearly two hours. Here's a peek into the midnight mish-mash that moved through my mind.

  • If I fall asleep now, I'd net about six hours of sleep.
  • My hair smells good.
  • I need a haircut.
  • Tomorrow I might write a blog post about imagining my cats dressed in toddler clothing.
  • If I fall asleep now, I'd net about five and a half hours of sleep.
  • How many cats are on my legs?
  • I have to remember to pay the car loan payment.
  • My lips are dry. If I get up to grab my Burt's Bees, will it be harder for me to get back to sleep? Is it worth it?
  • If I fall asleep now, I'd net about five hours of sleep.
  • I think they replay The Daily Show around this time -- maybe I'll just watch TV.
  • I'm sad that Steve Carell is leaving The Office. Will is still be as funny?
  • My hair smells good.


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