Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Forging Forward Toward Forty

A few days post-embarkation on the 40 Before 40 quest, I've made an inaugural dent in the fast-track-to-40-mobile.

#7: Read the Sunday comics, top to bottom

I knew there was a good reason I never did this. Advance apologies to die-hard Doonesbury fans everywhere, but I can't believe that some of these comic strips have enough of a following to continue publication. Hagar the Horrible? Really? Can Hagar's horrible hijinks seriously be splitting sides somewhere? For real, now... my kids say more colorful and clever things everyday than what I read in the 'funny pages.' Now it wasn't a complete wash...I did enjoy some of the wittier ones, especially the single-panel comics, but bring back Snoopy and The Far Side. Now that's entertainment. Until then, Prince Valiant is on his own to slay the beasts and save the girls.

#11 Meditate more consistently

I've created time every day to return to my meditation practice and have already reaped tremendous benefits. This is such a 'duh' one. I know that I and everyone in my life enjoys being around me more when I feel centered and balanced. I'm off to a great start getting back into this habit. Namaste.

#18 Let Ben shoot me with a Nerf gun

Let me first say that he was an all-too-willing participant in this one. These squishy bullets don't hurt, but I openly admit to saying "Ow!" as each one struck my back. Yeah, I'm a giant baby. That'll be enough of that.

#25 Use the dictionary.com Word of the Day in one of my daily Facebook status lines

As much of a word lover as I am, I admit that this one is not as fun as I thought it would be. In fact, I am amending this intention to be weekly instead of daily. Because it's my list and I can...

#32 Be better about telling cashiers, servers, and other people in the service industry how much I appreciate what they do for me

I have been seriously focusing on this one. In my head, I often appreciate great service, but don't always verbally express my gratitude. I've been employed in the service industry on and off throughout my working life and know that a kind word goes a long way, and can even turn around an entire day. Yep -- this one is a keeper, even beyond my birthday.

#38 Visit a men's restoom

According to an old friend, I did this when I was 18. I'm sure I probably participated in this and countless other colorful shenanigans around that time. Apparently, I've shaken my Etch-a-Sketch of a mind enough to have erased some of those more...um...memorable experiences. I may, however, modify this intention and join my friend, Kathy, in her quest to take a photo of herself inside a men's restroom. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable outing for two nearly-forty year old women.

There! Not bad for the first week, right? What's next...maybe homemade cat treats and chocolate martinis? Maybe homemade chocolate treats and cat martinis? Either way, it will be far more interesting than a Marmaduke comic.


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  2. Etch-a-Sketch mind. I love that. Gonna use that one the next time an old friend of mine says something about the fact I don't remember much of anything from my high school days.

    I'm gonna follow your lead, with a bit of modification. Since I'm just over 2 weeks past 40 now, I'm gonna make a list of things to do during my 40th year. 40 things? We'll see. Thanks for the idea, and for letting me steal it. (And I fully agree with you about the Sunday comics. BORING!)

  3. HA! Love your updates! Especially the Nerf gun update! LOL

    Related to #32...

    A friend of mine is REALLY awesome about being upbeat and thankful with people in the service industry. I mean he goes OUT OF HIS WAY to make them laugh and smile. I can't tell you the number of times people have thanked HIM for his great attitude and noted how he has made their day.

  4. I really applaud your efforts to fulfill your list. I tend to forget within 24 hrs what I set out to do.


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