Friday, October 23, 2009

Held Hostage by Evil Sinus Elves and a Remote Control

For nearly a week, I've spent quite a bit of time home from work. None of the reasons why I've been home involve anything lady-of-leisurely -- either my kids were hog-tied by the swine flu or my sinuses were inhabited by evil squatter-elves, who were apparently working overtime building mucous reinforcements (I know...gross...get over it). Whatever the case, it's been an odd week with an abundance of at-home time and, over the last few days, I've come to realize it's not the best idea for me to experience too much free time within the confines of my house. So now I give you...

Top Five Reasons I Should be at Work

5. Facebook friends tired of seeing 2748723 of my posts on their News Feed

4. Frequent justification that 16 small meals a day makes sense

3. Have you ever seen a TV show called Street Court?

2. Have watched enough episodes of Family Feud to experience all three hosts
Side note: I was not aware that J. Peterman of Seinfeld fame had risen to the ranks of Richard Dawson (minus the kissy-pants)

1. My cable bill does not get paid by my awesome sofa-cushion-warming skills. How can I see what happens at the Rule-Change Ceremony on Wife Swap if my cable bill doesn't get paid....

I guess I better get back to work...and program the Tivo.


  1. I used to love Family Feud. Richard Dawson was the very best host, but John O'Hurley (J. Peterman) is pretty good as well.

    BTW: I'm glad the whole family is finally feeling better. John better watch out, though. He's avoided the crud up till now, but it may just be waiting for the right time to strike again. Then he'll be at home enjoying Family Feud and Wife Swap. :-}

  2. Gah! Another family that's fallen victim to hamthrax! We had it here all last week and part of this week. I work from home, but I still... never once did I make it to my desk last week. Whenever I get a sinus thing going on I always picture that Mucinex commercial... nasty stuff.


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