Saturday, August 1, 2009

Digging the Fruit on the Bottom

I'm a perpetual optimist. Sure, I consider my penchant for cynical sarcasm part of my charm and I can rock a cranky mood with the best of them...sometimes even better (just ask John). But in the end, I most always look for the silver lining, the open window following the closed door, fruit at the bottom of the yogurt, (insert favorite hackneyed idiom here).

So keeping in practice with my peppery Pollyanna propensity, here's today's fruit on the bottom:

* John and I have recently made some lifestyle changes (no, we're not embracing polygamy or doing anything "racy"... get your minds out of the commode) and I feel healthier, more energetic and have lost five of the 10 pounds of my goal!

* This has been this best summer weather ever... it's hardly made it out of the 80's. Gorgeous weather and even more gorgeous electric bill.

* I had a great week at work -- created an ultra-organized inventory system and the beginnings of a smashing newsletter. Cha-cha-cha!!

* My sewing skills are improving and I seem to be moving through projects more quickly. I hope this becomes a pattern (hee hee...).

* John and I enjoyed the BEST cups of coffee this week at The Bike Shop in downtown Minneapolis. I'm serious...when the first sip washed over my tongue, the clouds parted and I swear I heard the Hallelujah Chorus.

* I visited a litter of six-day old kittens last week -- most didn't even have their eyes open. When I held the little tuxedo baby, I nearly melted into the cement of the basement floor. Wow -- I'd forgotten about how teensy their little mews are and the wonderful wee sweetness of their itty bitty faces and toes. Weeeeeee!!!!

* We are celebrating John's and his mother's birthdays today so I get to spend time with my fantastic family. I am truly blessed with a family that is beyond compare and I know I don't tell them nearly enough how much I truly appreciate and love them.

Yeah, there's not much to complain about...


  1. Awesome! This was something wonderful to read at the top o' the mornin' -- Thanks :)

  2. The Bike Shop!!! That's where I went ALL the time to get soup for lunch. I still miss their chicken dumpling and chicken tortellini alfredo soups.


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