Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Say Dilly-Dally Like It's a Bad Thing...

I've stared at a blank Blogspot "New Post" screen for two hours. I'd be lying if I said that I haven't done anything but stare at the screen. As an expert procrastinator, I've had many years to hone my skills in the fine art of dilly-dally. But wait... I'd rather define my lack of focus and intense dawdling as "multi-tasking." You see, although I postpone one endeavor, I am very busy and productive in other activities. Even as I suspended my blog-writing (under the guise of needing to really think about what I planned to write), I enthusiastically participated in the following:

* Created a status line on Facebook that would keep me busy in the act of replying to comments
* Played my turns in the 7348723 active Facebook word games
* Watched kids on TV attempt to answer trivia questions whilst riding a roller coaster
* Made a piece of toast and an egg
* Discussed with my mother about the prospect of Phoebe stowing away to work with me in my purse
* Talked with John about his bad night's sleep

Two hours later, I was still staring at the same empty screen. So in the spirit of shameless stalling, I give you this heaping bowl of shilly-shally stew. Be careful not to burn your tongue on the lazy.

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  1. Oh how I love to procrastinate. I too often bring up that new post screen, and then let it sit there while I rush off to do things that absolutely cannot wait. Even now, I have another tab open to that screen, and yet I really have to go put in some laundry and make beef stroganoff. So much to do in a day.....


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