Sunday, May 24, 2009

When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Pajama Bottoms to Walgreen's

As I age (OK - I'm only 39, but I'm feeling wise and Maya Angelouish this morning), I am less concerned with putting up appearances and fretting over sanctimonious scrutiny others may cast upon me. It's quite a liberating feeling and one that I hope continues until I'm an old lady wearing pajama bottoms to Walgreen's and singing "Come on Eileen" from the open windows of my phat Buick LeSabre. I know that saying "life is short" sounds so cliche, but *for realsies yo* it's the truth. My cats are great role models for the "don't give a crap what people think" ideology. Although they sport nine lives, each one is bursting with such lyrical laissez faire (or lazy fair), that even Maya Angelou is taking notes. Not that I'd literally copycat some of this feline etiquette, but the free-spirited frame of mind is certainly inspiring.

* They ask for what they want, when they want it...even if it means getting in people's faces and speaking loudly.

* When they don't get what they want, they make their statement and keep moving. This sometimes looks like a pile of poo on the outside of the litter box or a mangled and then regurgitated flower arrangement. Point taken.

* They maintain masterful hygiene habits, but aren't embarrassed if a few tufts of fur are out of place or if an ear is flipped inside out for a while.

* They know when they want to listen and when they want to tune out what they perceive as nonsense.

* They enjoy a good snuggle, but will tell you when they need their space.

* They could care less if you judge them for unsavory behavior like butt-sniffing other cats or eating out of the garbage.

Yes, cats are wise beyond their lives and we can all take life lessons from these shrewd swamis. So go ahead... ask for that second piece of cake, ignore that crazy neighbor, and smell some butts -- I won't judge you.


  1. ACK! I'm 43 and still fretting over appearances. Well, sometimes. Trips to Wal-mart don't bother me if I look like I just rolled out of bed. I DO put on a bra and pants, though.
    I type this with Silver on my lap. Neither of our cats are snugglers and I'm afraid to move. I need more coffee and her front claws are piercing cellulite, but I'm typing though the pain. I'm basking in this moment.
    Go kittitudes!

  2. I like this kind of attitude. Kudos. As life goes on, it's definitely time to realize how special it is, and how we should appreciate every moment ... and enjoy all of those moments to the max! :) Cats seem to show an uncanny ability for this. I know our cat, Caribou does. :) :) :) :)


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