Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cuddling Camcorder

I was recently looking at a site that listed odd cat names. I remember how our family toiled over choosing the perfect name for each cat that we welcomed into our family. We wanted the moniker to represent the kitty's individual personality, which can be difficult when the 12-week old kitten hasn't revealed much except unsteady footing and a penchant for tiny mews and not-yet-retractable claws. We eventually settled on pop culture references for two of our cats: Saffy was named after Julia Sawalha's character on the British comedy, Absolutely Fabulous and Cosmo was named after Kramer from Seinfeld. Neither ended up acting much like the characters for which they were named. Saffy has terrible self esteem and is easily bullied by the other cats and Cosmo is a needy Mama's Boy, reminding me more of Ceorge Costanza than Cosmo Kramer. When Phoebe came along, we scanned websites, looking for an interesting name with a charismatic meaning that would hopefully set the tone for her merging personality. We settled on Phoebe because the name, of Greek origin, means "bright" or "radiant." Many people think we named her after Phoebe Buffay from Friends, but we didn't. She's more "mouthy cat" than "smelly cat." This name really did end up ringing true for her... she is extremely smart, outspoken, and has a very big and bright personality.

As previously mentioned, I was just looking at some sites that listed interesting cat names. I know that deciding on a name for a pet is a very personal choice and what looks silly to one may be very meaningful to another. Having said that, here are some of the more funny and/or bizarre ones I found on the sites.

Abraham Lincoln (freed the mice)
Black Olive (now I'm hungry)
Babytrufflecat (now I'm really hungry)
Blue Light Special (found in a K-Mart parking lot?)
Camcorder (really??)
Clean-and-Sober (recovering from a bad catnip addiction, perhaps?)
Dribble Drawers (don't want to know why a cat might earn this name)
Dunkin Doughnut
Fancy Pants (this might be my new name)
Fruit Basket
Hypothesis (I wonder how a cat might get a name like this...)
Lera Loobyloo (??)
Melting Pot
Mustard Seed
Noodlehead (love this one)
Pork and Beans (love this one even more)
Potpie (love this one the best)
Question Mark (??????)
Silent Movie (the opposite of Phoebe)
St. John the Baptist (found by the river?)
VCR (Camcorder's brother)
Boy George (do you really want to brush me...)
Kitty Kurek (hee hee...)
Fireman Bob (I'm saving this one for my next cat)

I definitely need to get more creative with cat-naming.


  1. I've always been the same way you all are with naming cats. My son named the two we have now and he had to name them instantly. I felt unsettled in letting him do so.
    Silver (her color) runs around like Pepe LePew -- her tail always extended excitedly. Plus, she's so f'ing loud!
    Mo-mo was named after my sister, but she's more like the actress to declared "I vant to be aloooone."

  2. The stories behind cat names can be so interesting, can't they? One of my cats is named Face. I always get odd looks on that one. I reckon I'll have to do a post about how my cats got their names now.


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