Saturday, April 25, 2009

When Life Gives You a Rack Full of Vowels, Make EUOUAE

I will play Scrabble anytime, anywhere. I'm not the most fantastic player, but I absolutely adore the game. In a recent daydream of sorts, I was thinking about all the ways a game of Scrabble parallels life. Yeah, I'm pretty deep...

* The number of tiles you lay on the board isn't always what's important. Sometimes a single letter produces major points.

* Planning and strategy are important, but getting attached to your next move gets you in trouble -- the board is always changing!

* Intentional words are always the best kind.

* Making time to play with friends is fun.

* We can celebrate and build off each others' successes.

* Sometimes you end up with a rack full of vowels...time to get creative! How about EUOUAE?" It's a word. Don't believe me? Look it up.

* Learning new words from other players only helps you play better next time.

*Life is's ok to turn in your tiles for a new set every once in a while!


  1. Hey, are you on Facebook? I love Scrabble and am playing a game on there. I think it's kind of fun going back and forth every day on a game like that. If you're there, look me up. (I looked you up, but there are a lot of Angie Baileys there.) :}

  2. Howdy again....
    The profile with the cat photo on FB is me. (That's my boy Blondie in the pix.)


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