Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Thrill of Scrabble and the Agony of De-fuzzy-feet

I love Scrabble. I adore the sound of the tiny tiles tinkling together in the bag and the smell of the unfinished wooden letter racks. I revel in near-OCD delight as I carefully line up my letters on the rack, painstakingly separating the vowels from the consonants and alphabetizing my tidy little army of letter soldiers, who are standing at attention, ready to march into battle. At any point in the day, I would toss aside the task at hand and throw down a mean round of Scrabble. Unfortunately, my family doesn't share my overzealous enthusiasm for the business of bingos and the glory of triple word scores. If only I could somehow convince my three cats to join me in a casual game of Scrabble. I can only imagine...

I suppose Cosmo might be an annoying partner, what with the incessant slobbering. If he were winning, he may become really excited and then his slippery, spit-soaked letters would slide off the rack, exposing them to Phoebe, who is a well-known cheater-pants.

Phoebe is notorious for her general sneakiness. As a kitten, she learned how to count cards from the goats in the barn where she was born. She probably has some sort of underhanded method for surefire wins at Scrabble as well. My guess is that she may use her claw to scratch a change in the letter M tile from a 3 to an 8 point value. I also wouldn't be surprised if she faked a hairball and then peeked at my letters while I was getting her a bowl of water.

Saffy's catnip addiction would make her a challenging partner. She'd either be zoned out and not paying attention or scattering cat treat crumbs all over the board from her messy munchie mania.

On second thought, I think I'll just play online. At least if my virtual partner is drooling, I will be none the wiser.

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  1. If I reach in to the letter tile bag and find they are stuck together, I'll know you have been playing Cosmo.


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