Sunday, February 8, 2009

Limericky Ricardo

I love old TV shows - the simple plots, the slapstick humor, the cheesy resolutions... There's something to be said for good clean entertainment. As a way to demonstrate my devotion to these classics, I've lovingly constructed a few limericks.

There once was a band leader so true,
Whose wife was a little cuckoo.
She'd plot and she'd scheme,
Another red-hairbrained dream,
To be a star at Babalu.

There once was a dealer in junk
Who fancied himself quite the hunk.
He called on his son,
When he had "the big one,"
And drank ripple until he was drunk.

There once was a girl on the phones,
Trying to find Davy Jones.
She'd be pretty cool,
If he'd play at their school,
But cooler if it was The Stones.

There once was a self-made dry cleaner,
Whose trait was his cranky demeanor.
His life had become breezy,
For him and his Weezy,
But to Florence he couldn't be meaner!

There once was a girlie named Tootie,
On skates she was really a cutie.
She hung out with Jo,
And drank some cocoa,
But not with Blair - she was too snooty.

There was a rich man who had lots of clout,
Who knew what Willis was talkin' about.
But the poor child stars,
Landed behind bars,
And even Drummond couldn't bail them out.

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  1. Yeah, I love you. This pretty much seals the deal. :)


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