Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Putty in your Paws

I admit to being a total sucker for anything cute -- especially baby animals. I can spout sarcasm all day, but show me a picture of a baby bunny in a teacup and I suddenly transform into a wide-eyed three-year-old -- "Can I touch the bunny?" My daughter and I pore over photos from the Cute Overload website and squee to the point that my husband evacuates the room, tightly cupping his ears. Just attempt to look at the photos on this site and if you don't melt just a little, then your heart must be nothing but a callous-encrusted frosty nugget. We love this site so much that I bought my daughter the Page-a-Day Cute Overload Calendar. Most mornings, she runs into the kitchen, clutching a torn square of paper, and flashes an image of a mama possum and babies or a fuzzball Corgie puppy in my face. "Can you stand it, Mom?" No, I can't stand it. In fact, if I were holding that Corgie puppy, I must just squeeze him until he squeals. Really. Sometimes I am afraid of how unreasonable I become when holding an animal whose cuteness should be outlawed for fear of injury-by-oversqueezing. So if you ever need a favor or find yourself in a position to broach a troublesome topic with me, initiate the dicussion by sliding me a picture of a wobbly kitten and whatever you want, it's yours.


  1. Et tu Angie?! We are the same way here at our house. In fact, the first email I look at every day (really) is the LOL Cats subscription . I've spent hours appreciating these amazing felines. They also have a LOL Dogs site to keep us squealing even longer. Also...thanks so much for links above to the Cute Overload sites! IMHO we can't have too much of this kind of cute. Thanks again.

  2. Oh me too. Fuzzy baby aminals, widdle baby humans, putty. Yup.


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