Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Cats Love Outdoor Drama

This is my cats' view from the patio door. It's a visual feast of rodents and birdies! I love how the one squirrel is standing on top of the concrete kitty statue to reach the bird feeder. The birds are not amused. They're all like, "Wha' happened?" (those Mighty Wind fans will catch that reference -- see it if you haven't).

This is the drama that happens on my deck. Like seed through the bird feeder, these are the days of our lives.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Giveaway: Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions

We are a member of the Tidy Cats Insiders and are being compensated to help spread the word about innovations and updates about Tidy Cats. Catladyland only shares information we think would be of interest to our readers. The opinions are our own.

Science was never one of my favorite school subjects; however, cats have always been at the top of my "favorite things" list. Because my three cats are of special interest to me, of course I was all about what's been happening in the Tidy Innovation Lab. Take a look for yourself:

That's right, there's a new power couple in town. Tidy Cats® Lightweight with Glade® Tough Odor Solutions has hit the scene, and we wanted an up-close-and-personal visit.

Ask and you shall receive! Guess what appeared on my doorstep, ready for a visit? You guessed it! And of course, we're gracious hosts in our home, so we invited the little visitor inside.

At first, Phoebe and Saffy were standoffish, afraid the jug would monopolize my affections.

Soon after, they realized the visiting jug would benefit them, and they became fast friends -- especially Phoebe, who is our own petite lightweight.

I've been buying Tidy Cats LightWeight for a while now, and am a total fan of the reduced weight -- 50% to be exact. I was eager to test the new formula because I'm usually a little wary of scented litter. In general, I don't like heavily-scented products. I was happy to find the scent light and pleasing, and it clumps like a charm. My cats took to the litter right away, and told me they enjoy the newest blend. Yes, my cats talk to me about all kinds of important things, litter being at the top of the list. Like me, they know anything bathroom related is serious business!

You know what else is cool? Tidy Cats LightWeight is 99.9% dust free. This is great news for my cats, as well as my asthmatic daughter, who sometimes helps with the scooping.

Sure, the jug's lightness is aces, but it also sports two handles! This makes pouring a breeze. Plus, I'm not afraid to admit I'm not at all what you'd call "buff". Gym was right up -- or rather, down --  there with Science when it came to my school schedule. I'm proud to say I can lift the Tidy Cats LightWeight jug with one hand -- and my less-dominant left one! I feel like such a power lifter when I leave the store with a jug in each hand. I know shoppers are impressed with my sort-of strength. But really, the reduced weight has saved my back multiple times. Now I can do all those toe touches I've been meaning to do. Stop laughing.

Would you like to win your very own full-sized jug of Tidy Cats LightWeight with GladeTough Odor Solutions? As a part of the launch of their latest innovation, Tidy Cats is giving ten (10) Catladyland readers an opportunity to win one!

Here are the details:

  • Entries accepted through 11:59 ET PM on July 27. 
  • U.S. residents only.
  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Enter your info through the widget below, so we can contact you if you win.

Good luck!

Friday, July 17, 2015

My Cat Drinks Like a Hipster

Let's face it: Cats are quirky little buggers. Phoebe has always been particular when it comes to eating and drinking. She doesn't like to eat her food out of a bowl, and opts to chow straight from the floor. And even though she's got this fabulous drinking fountain, she rarely drinks directly from the thing. Nope. Instead, she paws at the water stream and then licks the refreshment straight from her paw.

Apparently, drinking and eating directly from bowls and fountains is so last year. She's such a little hipster.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Cat is So Cute, Your Eyeballs Will Burn

You know how sometimes cats are so stinkin' cute that you can't even stand to look at them? Like really -- you have to look away because the adorable factor is off the charts and will certainly burn your eyeballs right out of your head? Yeah, you know what I mean.

Phoebe is a major eyeball-burner, and here's just one example: She scoots her little body underneath blankets until she looks like she's snuggled up inside a sleeping back, or been properly tucked in, human-style. When I happen upon her in this position, I can only manage a few looks and then I have to leave the room. Serious eyeball-burnage. Wahh!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Watch Out, Moths -- Here Comes My Cat

Saffy is the only one of my three cats who enjoys going outside on a harness. In fact, this 13-year-old fuzzbutt can't get enough of the great outdoors. She doesn't do much when she's out there -- mostly walks around happily meowing, eating grass ... and hunting moths.

That's right -- she's a mighty moth slayer! The last time we were out, she tracked the winged prey underneath a pine tree in our front yard. Then, with her famous "paws of lightning," she took it down. She's unstoppable, even with only three teeth.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cat Dishes Up Stink-Eye Pie

If I'm on the sofa in the evening, Cosmo will not rest until he's smack up against me. If, for whatever reason, there's no room, he sits on the floor and stares at me until I make room for him. This is what I call the post-dinner stink-eye. It's my stink-eye dessert. Stink-eye pie.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Litter Champ Makes Litter Disposal Easy-Peasy

When my kids were babies back in the mid-90's, I received this new-fangled device called a Diaper Genie. It was a way to dispose of dirty diapers by sealing each one and collecting them in a plastic container. When the container was full, you'd remove the dirty diapers, which then looked like a string of sausages. It was pretty cool, and I used that baby through two kids' worth of diapered bottoms.

I'd totally forgotten about the good ol' Diaper Genie until Litter Champ contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their litter disposal system. I looked at the product and was like, "Diaper Genie, but for kitty clumps!" Of course I wanted to try it. What am I, crazy?

On the Litter Champ's big arrival day, my cats were all over the scene -- especially Phoebe, my number one box-inspector.

After adequately examining the package, she settled onto the pile of packing plastic and watched me assemble the product.

It was easy to assemble and ready to accept deposits within minutes.

Photo Source

Here's what I like about the Litter Champ:

No daily trips to the garbage can. The biodegradable liners seal in odor and store each scoop. You only make one garbage run when the bag is full. With three cats, it took nearly a week to fill one liner..

After the liner is full, you simply use the little cutting tool inside the Champ to sever it, and then tie a knot at the bottom to create a new liner. It feels like a never-ending bag. That's not true, though -- the liners do last a long time, but you can purchase replacements.

There's a little foot pedal, so you don't have to touch the Litter Champ while depositing the clumps. Oh, and a scoop comes with it!

Cat lovers with children: no worries -- there's a child-proof lock to keep little hands out of the inner workings of the product.

Photo Source

Overall, I love the product. The only issue for me is that I have multiple boxes, so I'd probably want one next to each box, otherwise I'd track litter while transporting the scoop from the box to the device.

Phoebe's opinion? She really, really enjoyed the box in which the Litter Champ arrived. Four paws-up from her!

Want to order your own Litter Champ? Click here for more info, and to place an order!

This post is sponsored by Litter Champ. I was given a free product to review, but Catladyland only shares information and products we feel are relevant to our readers. Litter Champ is not responsible for the content of this article.

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