Friday, August 1, 2014

Standoff in Boxville

Earlier this week we made a Costco run, and you know what that means: BOXES! It also means a little bit of drama in our house. Phoebe is usually the first one to snag the box, and Saffy or Cosmo better not come near it. Well, that's what initially happened, and then Phoebe walked in to find Saffy had jacked the giant box. They looked to my husband to intervene. He wasn't about to get involved.

Then Phoebe gave Saff the smelliest stink-eye ever. I mean, I'm sure the neighbors could smell the stink. It was a total standoff. Saffy held Phoebe's gaze for about a half a minute, then I think the stink got to her.

And here's how the story ends. Of course. Like always. Phoebe is the reigning queen of the Costco box. But don't worry about Saffy -- there's no shortage of boxes at my house.

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