Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Can't Shake the Stare

Last week on I wrote about how Cosmo is my furry little stalker. I swear I can't go anywhere alone, but that's OK because I love that he loves me so much.

Yesterday I decided to take a break and read on our back deck. It was sunny, but not too hot -- just a perfect kind of day. About five minutes into my mini getaway, I sensed I was being watched. You know that feeling, right? You can almost feel the glare pierce right through you. I looked around -- there were no neighbors in their yards or peeking at me through their windows. I went back to reading.

The feeling just didn't go away, so I stood up and decided to go inside for a drink of water. When I turned around, this is who I saw:

So desperate! So pleading! No wonder I couldn't shake that stare -- could you?

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