Thursday, June 12, 2014

#WeruvaPets: It's Dinner Time for your BFF!

Dinner time! Those are words everyone in my family likes to hear -- humans and cats alike! Like with my human kids, my kitties have very specific foods they love and some they'd rather stash away in their napkins ... if kitties had napkins, that is. Wouldn't that be cute? Anyway, my three cats have very different eating habits: Saffy will eat anything and everything, Cosmo can usually be swayed, and Phoebe is a total picky eater.

When Weruva asked my cats to review their food lines, I was interested in what would happen at mealtime. We tried all their lines, and I can say the one they ALL went nuts over was the BFF line, especially the pouches. I mean LOOK at them going to town!

Here's what's even better about the BFF line: It not only comes from Weruva, which is high-quality food made in a human food facility, it's affordable. I know we all want to feed our obligate carnivores the best food we can, while staying within our budget, and BFF hits the nail on the head. These formulas have red-meat tuna as a base ingredient -- with a couple of exceptions -- are hand-topped with one other meat-based ingredient such as boneless, skinless white chicken breast or duck breast, flaked salmon, or shrimp. Seriously -- you can see what's in the food.

Phoebe: "Where's he going?"

You know what else is cool about Weruva foods? They're 80% water, so kitty stays nice and hydrated. Now I just need to work on getting enough water for myself during the day. Maybe I should start eating BFF for breakfast. What?? It looks good!

Phoebe: "Bwahaha! It's all mine!"

And if you're not taken by the consistency and realness of the food, you'll certainly fall in love with some of the names in the BFF line -- a few of my favorites are: Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes, Tuna and Turkey Tickles, Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks, and Tuna & Duck Devour Me. Adorable, no?

Rare is it that I find an affordable, high-grade food that all my cats love; BFF by Weruva is that food --with high protein, limited carbohydrates and not a grain to be found, you can be comfortable that your cats are getting nutritious, delicious meals.

OK, kitties -- it's dinner time!

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