Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Phoebe Has a Ball

A few years ago Santa left this inexpensive little rainbow-colored ball in Phoebe's stocking. She was immediately smitten with the thing and it soon became her favorite toy.

It's the perfect size for her to carry in her mouth, and she occasionally "hunts" it. I love watching her walk into the room with the rainbow ball in her mouth, making that howling sound cats make when they're announcing their "catch."

Because it's a little ball, she often bats it under the bookcase. And then she goes nutso. When we see her on her side staring longingly under the bookcase, we know she wants us to retrieve the toy. We grab the broom handle and swipe until it rolls from its hiding spot. Phoebe becomes absolutely giddy when she sees her beloved ball.

I swear I thought that thing would have gone by the wayside with the pile of other much more expensive toys, but no. Rainbow ball is here to stay!

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