Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reunited With Cleavage-Cat

Last weekend I stayed with some good friends in Des Moines while I was in town for a whiskerslist book-signing. Their cat Tate is one of my all-time favorite felines. He's sweet, moderately cuddly (with me, anyway) and has the cutest scratchy meow. Not only am I enamored by Tate, he and I have a special connection. We're together one one of the pages of whiskerslist. Well, I suppose I should say my cleavage is together with him. He's nestled against my freckled cleavage on page 192 of the book.

Want to see? Buy the book. My awesome cleavage (haha) is well worth the $12.95.

Tate is remembering my cleavage.

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