Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black Cats are Bad Luck? What a Bunch of Hooey!

You'd think in this day and age, when humans are supposed to be more educated, the whole myth surrounding black cats and bad luck would be eradicated. Not so. In fact, these beautiful house panthers are often overlooked at shelters. What's up with that?

There are all sorts of ancient tales of black cats being the source of rotten luck, dating as far back as Hebrew and Babylonian mythology. In the Middle Ages, Germans believed a black cat was an omen of death if he jumped on an ill person. The craziness bled over to the United States, where these cats were considered part devil and associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Thankfully, much of this nonsense has gone by the wayside. To read more about the ridiculous insanity surrounding black cats, click here.

My Cosmo is angry about black cat discrimination!

Black cats aren't considered bad luck in all parts of the world. In fact, some places consider these sleek kitties to be quite fortunate.  Ancient Egyptians treated them as royalty! In Scotland, Britain and France, black cats are thought to bring prosperity and luck. I'm a believer that cats of any sort bring all kinds of luck, including black ones!

Jinx and Mojo, my sister's beautiful babies.

My sister only adopts black cats. She is aware of the stigma and has always felt she could do her part by bringing these babies into her home. She now shares her house with three black cats, including a new baby named Jinx.

My friend Katy is mom to one of my all-time favorite cats. His name is Gorilla and he's a total hoot! He's massive and unwittingly poses for the most hilarious photos. Or maybe he knows he's awesome and wants to flaunt it.

Gorilla strikes a pose.

Shelters are getting creative with trying increase black cat adoption rates. They sometimes offer reduced fees and hire professional photographers to take photos of these gorgeous creatures.

If you're looking to adopt a cat, please consider bringing a black cat into your home. I promise your luck will increase tenfold!

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