Friday, August 23, 2013

Cats and Ice Cream? What's Better Than That?

As summer comes to a close (I know, shut up), I would like to take this week's Fanglish cat slang post to pay homage to one of my favorite summer treats: ice cream! 

What could be better than cats and ice cream, right? Here are a couple of new terms for you, ice cream-style!

1. Double scoop
A litter-box clump so hefty, that it takes a human two scoops to completely remove it.

Maurice smiled as he watched The Lady remove a double scoop from his litter box .

Photo: Wicker Paradise

2. Awful cone
A collar worn by a cat after surgery (not to be confused with a waffle cone, which is a container for delicious human treats).

When Snowball returned from the vet, Mittens and Maurice laughed at her awful cone.

Photo: Shelly

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See you next week for another visit into the back alley world of Fanglish!

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