Friday, June 21, 2013

Does Your Cat Make Rushing Attempts at the Litter Box?

Happy Friday! You know what that means: You get two more poppin'-fresh Fanglish cat slang terms. Make sure and wear your sneakypants when you read these -- I think the cats are on to us.

Today's terms are both sports-related -- one baseball and one football. Because I'm such a sporty girl! Double-HA!

Leadoff Hitter
The cat who makes the first swat in a cat fight.

In all the pre-dinner romps, Maurice was the leadoff hitter

Photo: Dan Coulter

Rushing Attempt
A cat's effort at using the litter box while the human is still pouring in fresh litter.

Snowball was famous for his rushing attempts each time The Lady cleaned the litter boxes.

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See you next week for another visit into the back alley world of Fanglish!

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