Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Cat's a Gangsta and the Other Wears "Panties"

My cats rarely sleep closer than a few feet from one another. Yesterday I removed Cosmo from my seat (heaven forbid) and plopped him next to Saffy. And he stayed. He must have been confused and in a sleepy state because otherwise he'd surely have jumped right off the chair.

Here are three of things I love about this photo:

  • He's mid-stretch. Look at his legs and how his toes are spread apart. I love it when they spread their toes like that. I wish they'd just walk around with spread toes. 

  • Saffy is trying to ignore him. She's all like, "I had this whole chair and now he's all up in my grill." She's old, slug-like and has few teeth, but she's totally gangsta.

  • You can see one of Cosmo's tiny man-nipples and the little fluff of "down below" fur that I like to call his "panties." I love both of these things equally -- I could never choose which is more awesome.

Oh, and neither is looking at the camera. Of course.

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