Friday, March 1, 2013

Fanglish Flashback: Vintage Cat Slang

Today we are flashing back to a couple of vintage Fanglish terms. Well, they're only a few months old, but still. Here's your retro-cat slang, yo.

The exact center of a human's full bladder that, when kneaded, creates a look of pain on a human's face

This morning, I knew I'd hit The Lady's kneadlepoint when she said a bad word and ran to the bathroom.

The act of turning one's head quickly at precisely the moment a human presses the camera button to take a photograph of you

I showed The Lady I was tired of posing in the pink tutu by giving her a few spurn-and-turns until she put the camera away.

Click for a full list of Fanglish terms

See you next week as we pick up brand new terms on our weekly visit into the back alley world of Fanglish!

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