Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Cat Falls Off Stuff and Then Acts Cool ... I Can't Help Laughing!

From the files of:  Things my cats do that make me laugh, even though I feel a little bit badly about my chuckles:

Fall off stuff (but don't get hurt, of course)

Cosmo is the main cat who this. He likes to loaf on the arm of the living room sofa. I think he sleeps so soundly, starts leaning to the side and doesn't even notice when he starts to completely roll off the sofa. Once, he rolled off my bed and got stuck between the nightstand and the mattress. I happened to look over and see his four paws in the flailing about and immediately raced over to rescue him. And then he acts all cool, like nothing happened. To retain his "I always land on my feet" reputation, of course. Sweet, silly boy.

"This time I'm holding on."

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