Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday, Rain and Laser Dots Galore

It's Fat Tuesday and this morning the #fatcat tour is gearing up for a parade in New Orleans! Looks like we may be parading in the rain, but we have ponchos so it's all good. And the giant cat on the float is one feline who doesn't mind getting wet! My cats just called me and said they're glad they stayed home -- they don't like crowds, costumes or getting wet. Plus Cosmo is a giant drama queen and would be complaining the whole time.

Yesterday we passed out Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight samples at a local Walmart. It rained, but we met lots of cat people and they were excited to received the samples.

"Cat food, anyone?"

On a side note, we were out last night and one place had laser lights galore! We were imagining how that scene would drive a cat absolutely nuts! I imagine that guy on the stool would be a little surprised if a cat started pouncing on his back, swatting at all those dots. Hey, why should humans have all the fun at Mardi Gras, right??

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