Monday, December 10, 2012

My Cat Worked at Taco Bell

Those of you who read this blog know I tend to have somewhat of an untamed imagination. Since I was just a kitten, my family and I loved concocting imaginary scenarios about cats engaged in human activities. Yeah, we are an odd bunch, but now you know my eccentric humor is quite possibly genetic ... oh, and probably comes a little bit from watching too much Monty Python and Mystery Science Theater. Like all of us, I'm a product of nature and nurture (and probably too much coffee).

Anyway, back to my daydreaming about the silly human things I wish my cats would do. Here is one of my recent musings. And please, you must suspend all beliefs about how cats are "supposed" to behave in order to enjoy this ridiculous nugget of absurdity.

I pull up to the Taco Bell drive thru (that's how they spell it, you know) window, and there's Cosmo, handing me a bag of noms, asking if I need hot sauce, and telling me to enjoy my Crunch Wrap Supreme. He does not smile because he is not a smiler. This would eventually lead to multiple verbal and written warnings, and ultimately his pink slip. Angry about his termination, he dramatically jumps over the counter, tosses his refried bean-soiled apron at his boss and yells, "I told you I wasn't a smiler!" He then proceeds to smugly grab a pawful of wrapped straws from the condiment island (to play with later), and takes off into the night.

Seriously. Or maybe not-so-seriously.

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