Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Tale of Cat Shenanigans and Hidden Treasure

I admit to being an OK housekeeper.  My home isn't dirty, but I'm not one who does this furniture-moving business every time I vacuum.  A few times a year when we do move the big comfy chair to clean the layers of cat hair and lost pieces of popcorn (in addition to being an OK housekeeper, I'm also a messy popcorn-eater), we always giggle with anticipation of the trove of cat toys and treasures we'll surely find.

Friends, we were not disappointed in the haul.  Not only did we celebrate the return of a few favorite mice and balls, we also discovered an open, chew-marked bag of treats!  I can only imagine the shenanigans that led up to the display of the attempted pilferage gone terribly wrong.

Certainly Phoebe was involved ... in fact she was most likely the brains behind the operation.  Saffy is a counter-crawler so she probably knocked the bag on the floor.  I'm guessing about that time Cosmo made a move toward the contraband, setting off Phoebe, who lunged forward, digging her teeth into the bag.  At that time, Saffy, a known conflict-avoider, fled the scene.  Thus began a little paw-to-paw combat between large, yet awkward Cosmo and small, but shrewd Phoebe.  I'm sure the treat bag made its way up and down the stairs, was slid across the bathroom linoleum, and was tossed in and out of boxes and cat hidey holes until it finally met its final (and unreachable) resting place under the comfy chair.

Yes, I'm certain that's exactly how it happened.

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