Thursday, November 29, 2012

If You Could, Would You Rename Your Cats?

Cat names are funny things. We usually give our cat a name within the first few days of meeting one another. The name could be based on a number of things, but mostly are chosen due to the markings or initial disposition -- this was the case with me, anyway. After sharing my home with three cats for anywhere from 7-11 years, I think I might have named them differently, if given the opportunity. In fact, these are some of the nicknames I call them by anyway.

Based on what I know about them now, here's what I'd probably name them:


Hippo (in the sweetest, most respectful way possible, of course) because she's big, grey and loves to eat A LOT


Needy McDrool because he follows me everywhere, stares at me like a creeper and happy-drools all over me when he purrs ... bless his heart


Bossypant because 1) I love Tina Fey and 2) she's the bossiest, most loudmouth cat I've ever met. She's not even 7 lbs, but throws every bit of that weight around and has all the humans and the cats in our house completely whipped

If given the opportunity, what might you rename your cats?

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