Monday, July 23, 2012

My Cat Keeps Trying to Facebook Me

Some of you may remember the Friday Fanglish cat slang post where I introduced the term, "facebooking."

The act of rubbing one's face over every inch of a human's book while she is attempting to read.

After facebooking The Lady's novel half a dozen times, she finally put her book down and petted me.

Over the weekend, Cosmo was in major facebooking mode and I captured it on camera. He not only rubbed his face and drooled all over my book, he did the whole smacky-lips thing. I think he really wants to be my facebook friend. And for those of you worried about my shunning his attempts for attention, rest assured he won out over the book. Don't they always?

Remember every Friday we feature new Fanglish terms! 
For a peek at all the past ones, click here.

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