Sunday, April 1, 2012

Want Your Cat-Lovin' Tweet Featured in NY's Times Square?

Remember that wonderful Purina Cat Chow video, "We Are Cat People?" Because it was such a big hit, Purina was inspired to turn it into a 60-second ad that will air on the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight! Haven't seen the original one or want to see it again? I thought so.

In conjunction with the new extended ad, Purina is encouraging cat owners everywhere to proclaim, via Twitter, why they are cat people. From 8pm tonight to 8pm tomorrow night (Eastern), Purina Cat Chow will host a live Twitter broadcast on two billboards in New York's Times Square...and your Tweet might be featured! So Tweet away during that time and remember to use the hashtag #catperson if you'd like your Tweet to be considered for the billboard. How cool is that?!

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