Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nibbles-n-Bits: Cat vs Human

Nibbles-n-Bits is a bite-sized, semi-sorta-regular feature where Catladyland spotlights bloggers who teach us, give us paws for thought, and make us laugh.  Today I have the delightful opportunity of sharing an interview with Yasmine Surovec, the comic-genius behind the hilarious comic (and now book), Cat vs Human.  

I'm sure those of you who regularly read her comics agree her take on catlady-ness really hits home.  In addition to being one of  the funniest catladies I know, she is also an incredibly friendly and kind person; I am so grateful to know her!

As I mentioned above, her new book was recently released and available for purchase through Amazon.  I've also added it to my Amazon Picks on the ride sidebar of Catladyland so you can always hop over and click.  

Before we dive into the interview, I have to share one of my favorite Cat vs Human comics with you.  I don't know about your cats, but Cosmo in particular won't let me visit the loo with any sort of privacy.  And he looks upon bathroom time as our "special" time.  The entire time I am trying to take care of "business," he paws at me, rubs against me, and will not be satisfied until I pick him up and hold him in my lap. And you might ask, "Why do you even allow him in the bathroom with you?"  Well, I find it is waaaaay more distracting to listen to him pawing on and crying at the bathroom door.  It's just the way we do things around here.  And apparently, that's also the way they do things at Yasmine's house.

Look familiar?  Well, enough about toilets and on to the interview!

Catladyland: When did you start writing/drawing Cat vs Human? Have you always loved cats?

Yasmine: I started the blog itself around the middle of 2010.  But the comic itself started as a doodle I posted on Facebook.  I was feeling burnt out and a bit frustrated with certain things. Usually when this happens, I like to draw things I like -- like cats.  I've always absolutely adored cats since I was a kid.  I love their independence, their little quirks.  And I especially love it when they curl up on my lap to take a nap.  They keep me calm -- and sane,  To be honest, I barely remember the times when I didn't have a kitty in my household. They're a big part pf my life.

Catladyland: Introduce us to your kitties.

Yasmine: My cats are Money and Shelley...Dumpling is no longer with is, but I think about him often.  He was the sweetest thing.  And I think Money still misses him so much.  They were best friends.  Money is the alpha male amongst my cats.  He's such a handsome boy.  He was very feisty when we adopted him, but Victor, my husband, quickly fell in love with him.  He's pretty aloof and doesn't like to be cuddled with much.  But when he's tired and sleepy, he would crawl next to you and nap.  He definitely only shows affection on his terms.  Shelley is the alpha lady at home.  She's getting up there in age -- close to 20.  But she is still as sweet as ever.  I call her "Mama" because I feel like she takes care of me.  She grooms me.  She cuddles me when I'm sad or sick.  Oh, I also have a 90-lb dog named Puppy.  He was Dumpling's friends as well, and he wants nothing bu love.  He's very drooly though!

Yasmine with Money and Shelley 

Catladyland: Tell us about your new book!

Yasmine: I am SO excited about this book, and I feel very fortunate to have an awesome agent and publisher (Andrews McMeel).  The book is a collection of over 100 comics from my blog as well as new ones.  It's a labour of love, that's for sure.  It's an illustrated narrative of what happens in most cat ladies' (and guys') households.  In my case, it's pretty much a self portrait.  And it feels strange reading all the comics all over again because, oh my goodness, this IS me, and every cat lady I know.  I just hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed drawing each comic.

Catladyland: How are you most like a cat?

Yasmine: Much like cats, I'm very independent and aloof.  I'm also very flexible.

Catladyland: Random question: What is the weirdest item in your purse right now?

Yasmine: I have a large faux gold pendant with a kitty sculpted on one side and three mice on the other side.

Thanks, Yasmine and mega-congratulations on your new book! If you don't currently follow Cat vs Human, you simply must!  On her blog, you can find the links to Facebook, Twitter, and all the spots you can find Yasmine and her funny kitty comics.

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