Friday, September 9, 2011

Swept Up in a Generous Giveaway!

Cats are known to be clean animals; however, after enjoying a few moments in the privacy of the litter box loo, their fuzzy little feet become the vehicles for lots of tiny stowaway litter pieces, which undoubtedly become stuck to the bottom of my bare feet.  My cats smile, thinking they are pampering me with a nice exfoliating foot treatment (bless their hearts), but I'd rather ask my husband for a pedicure (men love to do that, right?)

BISSELL® must have somehow sensed I need a fast, easy solution for litter clean-up that works just as slick on carpeted as well as bare floors.  They asked me to review their Perfect Sweep TURBO© and I was more than happy to oblige.

When the sweeper arrived, Phoebe was suspicious of the contents and insisted on checking it out before I unpacked it.  I suggested she apply for a job as a TSA agent.

After receiving the OK from security, I removed the contents from the box.  Admittedly, I am not great (read: hopeless) with directions and assembling items and since my husband was busy giving me a pedicure, I thought I'd dig in and give it a try.  Imagine my delight when I read this:

Without even having to consult the directions, I was able to easily assemble the sweeper!

Despite the unwavering support of my cats, I did make it go.  I first used it on the bare floors around the litter boxes and it picked up every single piece of stray litter.  Then I attempted cleaning the nearby throw rug (which is always sprinkled with litter confetti) and was pleased with the thorough job such a light little sweeper could do.

Speaking of its light weight, I really appreciated being able to carry it up and down the stairs with little effort.   My full-sized vacuum is very heavy and, truly, I only need a light sweeper in most daily cleaning situations, so this fit the bill.

Because it is rechargeable for up to 60 minutes, I can carry it around the house and do a quick floor clean up in all my rooms, which is especially helpful when you have a cat that sheds a lot (cough, cough, Saffy).

So yes, the Perfect Sweep TURBO© is a definite win in this house.  With three cats, we tend to accumulate lots of loose litter and tumbleweeds of cat fur.

BISSELL® is offering a generous giveaway to U.S. Catladyland readers!  Simply comment on this blog post by Sunday, 11pm CT to qualify; a winner will be chosen using an online random number generator and announced in Monday's post.

The giveaway package includes:
Perfect Sweep TURBO© 
Pawsitively Clean™ by BISSELL® pew! Pet Odor Eliminator
Stomp 'N Go©
Fur Get It!™

You can follow BISSELL® on Twitter or "like" their Facebook page to learn more about their products and deals!  If you like deals, please take note that BISSELL® is offering a $5 off deal on their Perfect Sweep TURBO©  -- simply use the code "perfectsweepcat."

Good luck!

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