Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Titch on the Crazy Side

I'm officially, certifiably, unequivocally insane.  Seriously.  Really.  For suresies.  Some of you know that within the past week I decided to create another blog:  Katt Food.  Basically, it's a hilarious assortment of photos readers submit of their cats (katts) posing as or with food.  I am having a freezer-ful of fun with it, but wow...didn't realize how busy all of this would keep me!  Now my daily maintenance includes two blogs, two Facebook pages, two Twitter accounts, one website, and two e-mail accounts.  Oh, and then there's my personal Facebook page and e-mail (gotta have my Scrabblez). 

It's all good!  It's fun!  It's a hoot and a half! But I must say that my brain is busy trying to organize everything into lists, schedules, and categories.  This is nothing brain does this all the time.  Control issues?  Maaaaaybe.  I think my brain is just figuring out that it needs to step up its game and start running with the big,, katts.  Until then, I feel just a titch on the crazy side...kind of like this:

So please forgive me if I forget little things, mistakenly feed the cats macaroni and cheese, disappear from a Word Twist game for a day, or begin posing my children in roasting pans.  I promise...I'll be back to normal soon.  Normal?  Did I really type that??


  1. Angie, LOVE your post about your online activities. I have two personal e-mail accounts, a personal FB page and three Facebook groups - two of which I set up thinking someone else would manage daily and the other that I thought I'd be sharing responsibility with a friend. Instead I have all three... Here's my crack about crazy vs. "normal", "I live in Bloomington, that's as close to Normal as you can get." ;-) As in, Normal, IL. Maybe you should come visit sometime. We can take your picture by the water tower, or a street sign, or posed by a Town of Normal Police car. Let me know if you ever need a Normal Photo Op. I even have a team of talented photographers I can call - with a family connection.

  2. Janean, you are so funny! I would love nothing more than to visit you and be "Normal." That would be funny... And yes, I may be contacting you for a photo -- that's excellent! I love our kind of normal :)

  3. If you weren’t crazy, you wouldn’t be having fun, would you? I thought I was at the point of technology overload with my work email, two personal email accounts, my blog, and of course face book and twitter all at my fingertips, all hours of the day and night. That was until I had to switch phone providers for work and my blackberry was temporarily shut off for several hours last week. I had major withdrawal. Yes, my brain was a bit emptier, but I was not any happier.

  4. Indeed, Quiqley and I just went "live" a little over a week ago and I can't believe how exhausted I am-posing for pictures, debating with Quigley, staying up into the wee hours writing sonnets and deliberating over witticisms. It's all a gentlecat can do!

  5. I think you are so much fun with an amazing sense of humor and I am so glad I am following both of your blogs! (and Twitter and Facebook!!)

    You are zany and I love it!

    Cat Chat

  6. I am tickled to have found you and am amazed at all you do. Between home counseling visits and windowsill commitments, I am out straight!
    (actually out straight is how I sleep best)


  7. Thanks, Tom!! I'm glad you found me too :)


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