Saturday, September 18, 2010

Laughing All the Way to Crazytown, Part II

A few weeks ago, I further revealed my dance with delusion by posting about some of the odd things that send me into fits of giggles.  Some of my readers wanted to hear more about the inner machinations of my mania.  These people are either as cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs as I am or are gathering research for a study of people who have officially fallen (off their rocker) and can't get up.  No matter, I have a cage full of crazy monkeys at play in my head at any given time, so the request for more madness is easily met.

Without further ado, here is another look-see inside my psyche and a glimpse at what I think is a rollicking riot:

  • When arriving at the food-delivery window at a fast food restaurant, sinking down in my seat and holding one of my cats up to the steering wheel

  • Imagining a room-full of cats and dogs (fully-clothed, looking dead-serious) taking the SAT test

  • Calling the cable company and telling them that every channel shows only re-runs of  "Who's the Boss?"

  • Instead of sending a check with my phone bill, sending a recipe for apple crisp

  • Imagining cats in flashy disco-wear, whooping it up at Studio 54

  • When the UPS delivery person drops off a package, asking if they wouldn't mind scooping the litter boxes

  • Showing up at Blockbuster wearing a dress created from Scotch-taped-together Netflix envelopes

  • Asking the vet if I can get braces for my cat's teeth...and head gear

And in case you missed it last time, here's the very special video of me literally ROFLing whilst thinking about all of these silly scenarios.

There you go... I have tons more floating around my brain, but I've gotta run -- that Netflix dress isn't going to make itself.


  1. Great post! I think I will ask the UPS man if he will scoop my littler pans.

  2. I'm liking that 'scoop my litter pans' one too .. it never hurts to ask :)

  3. you know, you are COMPLETELY certifiable...but that is EXACTLY why I like you!! :)

    You are DEFINITELY an original!! You goooo girl!!!

  4. Thanks! Aside from my own amusement, this post has once again mortified my 13 year old son! "You posted that video AGAIN?" I told him I was going to tag all of his friends so they can be sure to check out his crazy mom.

  5. I always appreciate a funny creative type who is a little as they over the top. I Love the "Who's the Boss" gag. May have to use that one myself when I'm feeling a little devilish under the collar.

  6. You must be my hubby's long lost sister...he's unbelieveably silly, too.

  7. I really like the drive through idea, give it a try!


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