Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Allure of the Older Woman

BlogPaws' challenge for the week of September 19-25 is to feature a less-adoptable pet in our blogs.  Those of you who are regular readers of Catladyland know that I typically post humorous entries; however, I am now committed to regularly add a cause-related component to the buffet of fluffay.  Please note the Phoebe-graphic I created to use for just these kinds of posts.  She has a very loud mouth so I decided she could use her chatty charm to help other 4-legged fur-pals in need.  She quickly agreed and, in the same breath, asked me for the keys to the car.

Back to my original point!  I'm here to tell you about the benefits of adopting a senior pet, and particularly about a beautiful girl named Raja. 

When the blogging challenge was first presented, I perused Petfinder, scanning for local senior cats who where looking for a forever home.  The sweet picture of Raja immediately caught my attention.  I read her full story and even posted a link to her information on my Facebook page.  I couldn't get Raja out of my mind.  She is a Domestic Shorthair Tabby mix who needs a home where she is the only cat.  When the shelter finally realized she wasn't just a cranky puss, and placed her in a room alone, they saw that she greeted humans quite lovingly, enjoyed snuggles, and even played like a kitten!

This morning when I actually sat down to write this blog, I reviewed Petfinder again and a particular St. Paul shelter jumped out at me -- it was called Feline Rescue, Inc.  I decided to check out cats available through that shelter and who is the first cat I see?  Raja!  This was my sign -- I knew that I must blog about this beautiful, older lady and hopefully give her an extra chance to find a loving home.

I know that many people are hesitant to adopt a senior pet.  Baby animals are cute and it can feel difficult to become attached to an animal who may only have a few years of life left to live.  Let me offer a few benefits to adopting an older cat.

  • With an older cat, what you see is what you get.  The personality is established and there are no surprises.

  • Kittens chew!  They need to learn to use scratching posts!  They climb curtains and jump on counters!  Older cats chew less and have typically already worked that crazy behavior out of their systems.

  • It might be their last chance.  Thankfully, Feline Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill shelter, but many are not.  Senior pets and pets with health issues are typically the first in line for euthanization.  It's a fact -- kittens are the first to be adopted, but offer no less love and companionship than senior cats.

So please give a second glance to a pet that needs a second chance.  And if you live in the Twin Cities area, live in a pet-free environment, and are interested in offering a forever home to a Raja, check out her information on Petfinder.  And if you are still asking "why?" Just like Phoebe says, "Be-CAUSE I said so!!"


  1. this is wonderful Angie. As you know I adopted Timothy as a senior. It is hard to adopt a cat you know might start to accumulate vet bills and you don't know how long they will be with you. Timothy was only with us for 2 years. BUT he was hands down THE BEST MOST LOVING cat I have EVER had. The boys agree. We loved that cat so much and will always miss him. We feel privileged to have had those two years with him. Heck, Hector and Zeus could be seniors. I have absolutly no idea how old they are. The shelter guessed 4ish but the vet told me after 3 or 4 it is nearly impossible to tell just by the teeth. I am a huge fan of adopting older animals for th reasons you mentinoed above. You know what you are getting. I am so glad you are doing this piece.

  2. I would also like to apologize for the typos in my comment. I am only a few sips into my first cup of coffee this morning. Brain not fully engaged.

  3. What a beautiful girl - I hope she finds her forever home soon.

  4. Wonderful post!! I bet Raja is going to get a home soon!!!

  5. I totally agree, senior cats deserve respect and a loving forever home. That was a beautiful post!

  6. Senior cats are perfect for everyone - they are wise, so they can teach young humans, and they won't be too crazy for older folks. Plus humans sometimes don't realize this, but given the chance, lots of senior kitties love to play! Raja totally deserves a great home, and I hope she finds it soon!

  7. We think senior cats make the bestest pets!! No kitten antics to deal with! We hope Raja finds that furever home soon!!

  8. Thank you so much for the Raja post! Hope she finds her home soon. More pics and info about Raja and other harder to adopt kitties on the FR blog,

  9. Well, hellllllooooo, Raja! Older women are all the rage, I hear... it's the whole cougar thing, I think.

    I hope someone falls in love with her and scoops her up soon. She really is gorgeous. And how funny that you kept running across her.

    Um, maybe you should adopt her?! Hehe. Might be fate.

  10. I would love to adopt Raja -- I just don't think Raja would love my three other cats...

  11. Thanks for featuring Raja! Thankfully, she does have a home for life with us, but I'm sure she'd love to find a purrson of her very own (with no other kitties) to snuggle up to!

    We have quite a few kittie who are a bit intimidating at first glance. My favorite is Meekash, who I'd adopt in a heart beat, if only other kitties didn't stress her out so badly. Anyone in Minnesota looking for a rotund lap cat to be your one and only? Meekash might be your gal :)

  12. Raja is beautiful!! I hope she finds her forever home soon (and probably will with your help!!)


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