Monday, September 20, 2010

Gallery of Stink-Eye

I regularly post pictures of Cosmo on Facebook and many comment on his constantly cranky expressions -- they assume he must have been in a "mood" when the photo was taken. If you've never met Cosmo, let me tell you that he rarely ever removes his furry little cranky pants. He is, however, a complete mama's boy and really only looks somewhat pleased when I am holding him over my shoulder like a baby or when the "treat" word is mentioned and he nearly skids around the corner in anticipation. To illustrate the cat-of-a-thousand-cantankerous-countenances," please review the Gallery of Stink-Eye.

Give me the car keys, woman!!!
You realize I know when you sleep...
But I don't like anchovies.
I know you didn't just tell me you erased yesterday's Tyra Banks show from the TIVO.
I *get* to look pissy in this hat.  End of story.
He may appear ornery most of the time, but at the end of the day, he's my best buddy and my baby.


  1. MOL~!!! What cute faces Cosmo!

  2. Ha! He DOES look cranky...but if WE had to wear a hat, ever, we'd be permanently cranked-off, too. heh heh.

  3. MOL! Well, at least with the hat photo, he totally had an excuse.

  4. Cranky is in the eye of the beholder and I think you are one handsome dude who doesn't like his picture taken!

  5. He's not crabby, that's just his face!

  6. When you are feeling crabilated, it is best to show it!

  7. I don't think he is crabby at all! He is just a "serious thinker" the photos!!!


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