Monday, July 5, 2010

Proceed with Turtle-Like Speed

I've never been known for my patience. I have a history of getting excited about something and diving in head-first, telling myself I'll figure everything out along the way. The advantage to this mindset is that I'm not afraid to try something new. The defect of this approach is that I don't typically sit down and spend the time sometimes necessary to formulate an effective plan, thus resulting in a less-than-desirable end result. I sometimes laugh at myself...I'm a planner and a list maker by nature -- many times, almost to a fault. But when it comes to launching forward with a new idea, I go from 0-60 in five seconds, with no seat belt.

I just started working on a new project that could be completed at lightning speed and would probably emerge pretty favorably. But...I could also navigate the waters a little more cautiously, explore options, gather feedback, and cultivate an outcome of which I am truly satisfied and proud. This time around, I am moving ahead with the latter. This will be an experiment in patience, but I am certain that by the time I carefully apply the finishing touches, I'll be glad I suppressed my hasty handiwork. Or...I'll be ready to be fitted for my straight jacket.

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  1. Good luck with that! Who knows, you might surprise yourself and decide to switch gears like this *every* time. Or you could be more bi-polar like me and flip flop back and forth....ugh! Looking forward to your results.


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