Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!

Ahhh...a long, holiday weekend. The 4th of July is all about freedom and independence and I am thankful for both of those things, both on the large and small scale. This weekend, I plan to practice freedom in my own special ways.

I will fully embrace the freedom to...

...sit around and drink coffee out of my giant Regal Beagle mug for hours at a time in the morning.

...assign extra household chores to the kids so I can sit around and drink coffee out of my giant Regal Beagle mug all morning.

...wear my muffin/toast/coffee mug/donut-print lounge shorts all day today and into tomorrow, when I actually might have to shower and make a public appearance at a party. On second thought, if my friends judge my breakfast shorts, what kind of friends are they? my recorded shows that have been piling up on the DVR. Bad reality shows don't watch themselves, you know.

...skip the 4th of July parade this year, thus avoiding the cursing and anxiety that comes along with locating parking, fighting for a decent viewing spot, and having my eyeballs seared by the images of overweight, shirtless men.

...act like a cat and take lots of naps, play, and sit in the sun.

And lastly, I plan to practice the freedom to eat some bacon today. I've been avoiding meat for a few weeks, but it's a holiday, right? And what says America better than bacon??

Happy 4th!!

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