Friday, February 19, 2010

What is Sexy?

So this blog entry idea is blatantly yanked from Dena's Why Aren't I in Charge? blog. So thank you Dena...for doing some of my thinking for me this morning!

Doing dishes and laundry -- I don't think guys understand how attractive this is. I've has this conversation with many, many friends and we all agree.

Cleaning off my car the morning after a snowy night.

Telling me how fabulous a piece of new clothing or pair of shoes looks on me before asking how much it cost (or completely skipping the part about asking how much it cost).

Initiating time with the kids and then really, really enjoying it.

A completely oddball, irreverent sense of humor...and consistently (making an effort to) laugh at my dumb puns and jokes.

The ability to take responsibility for your own issues and admit when you are wrong (and tell me that I am always right...just kidding).

You can fix things around the house, but then still go see some romantic indie film with me...and probably cry more than I will.

A willingness to share your dessert or french fries...because I said I didn't want any so I didn't order my own, but then the delicious smell got to me.

Say "You're beautiful" and "I love you" on a regular basis.

You don't mind animals sleeping in the bed with us at night and will adjust your sleeping position to make room for said pets.

Cuddling the cats when you think no one is looking. Talking sweetly to the cats (or animals in general) gets you extra, major points.

For me, personally, anyone who loves cats automatically earns double (triple) points!

Hmmm... did I mention anything about cats?

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  1. This is funny, and I just wanted to thank you for hitting up my blog! By the way, check out my blog post entitled Sexy, My Aunt Fanny!


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