Friday, February 26, 2010

Greetings From My Thoughtful Spot

Today is just that kind of day... the kind where I am thinking and thinking and thinking. One wise bear named Winnie once said, "Did you ever stop to think, and then forget to start again?" In my case, usually not. I never seem to need a reminder to start thinking again -- in fact, I rarely never stop so how could I start again? I guess I'll just Pooh-Pooh that quote, Mr. Winnie.

So from my own personal Thoughtful Spot, here's a small sprinkling of my some of my speculations.

#1: I just whipped up some scrumptious scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes and parmesan cheese. On the label, the cheese is described as "fancy." What exactly does this mean? What makes some cheese, ketchup, and apples "fancy?" Are they made/grown by someone that looks like this? ------->>>>>>

I hope so. I enjoy imagining a fancy dandy in a top hat hunched over a giant stainless steel pot, straining curds and whey and whatnot. I like to think my cheese automatically tastes fancier and more refined when I conjure up that particular cheese-making scenario.

#2: A patient at work told me today that the health club at the nursing home/senior housing community by my house is open to members ages 40 and older (although most of the members are 55+). They have a pool, workout equipment, a whirlpool, and the monthly fee is really inexpensive. I will be 40 in just three weeks and this is the first "older person" thing for which I have qualified (barring the crazy AARP offers that have been coming to me since I was 30). Is it insane that I am excited about this? Ellipticalling alongside Edna...aerobicizing with Agnes...backstroking with Bernice... I'm there!

#3: One of my favorite hobbies is playing word games on Facebook... especially Scramble. It's like Boggle -- within a three minute time time frame, you try and find as many words as possible within a grid of letters. I like to play this game in the live-rooms, in the wee hours of the morning. I play against people from all over the world and tend to see the same players in these rooms every morning. I've been playing so long now that I've begun to get to know who is really super good and silently curse when I see them appear on the score column. I think I'm becoming a poor sport. Or else I'm too competitive. Maybe I need a different hobby....fancy cheese making?

Because food and words are two of my favorite subjects (and two thirds of this entry), I shall leave you with another sage Pooh quote:

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"”

Now that's what I'm talkin' about...


  1. stumbled into your blog due to similar music interests - from Scottsdale, Az - going to a convention for school teachers in Minneapolis (early April)- any suggestions for places to go in the city?

  2. Check out the site for First Avenue -- they are the best place for music in the Twin Cities. If you go on the calendar page, there are other clubs listed on the left column -- those are good clubs too. There is a pretty great music scene here.

    Will you be in Mpls or St. Paul? I can recommend some restaurants if I know where you are staying?

  3. Oops...I see you are going to be in Minneapolis. Our favorite places are Gluek's (a pub-style bar/restaurant a block down from First Ave), The Local (an Irish pub on Nicollet) and Brit's (a British pub on Nicollet). Hmmm... I see a theme here ;)

  4. Thanks! and I'll wear a coat (we don't use such things in Arizona)


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