Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Partridge in a Pear Tree...and a Bacon Martini

The holidays are quickly approaching and there may be those few people on your shopping list who really do have everything. Ponder no longer! I've scoured the interwebz to locate some real gems for your hard-to-buy-for friends and family.

Who doesn't love fresh bread...on their feet? Slip your cold tootsies inside these loaves of love and command the cozy comfort of their crusty goodness.

Did someone say bacon vodka??? It's true! Just when we thought any more pure ecstasy could be extracted from those savory little strips, the mapley-magic of the masterful Mr. Bacon is married with the ever-intoxicating allure of Ms. Vodka. These two lovebirds produce such offspring as the Bakon Oyster Shooter, the Bakon Mary, the Irish Boar, and my personal favorite: the Swine Flu Shot (equal parts Bakon vodka, Jaeger, and Goldschlager). I I can't decide if this product makes me feel fancy or trailer trasheriffic. Someone please fetch my bacon-scented tuxedo.

When you are hosting a classy dinner party, why not impress your guests with this talking toilet paper roll holder? Seriously, what could be more annoying than a sassy robotic voice shaming you for not eating enough fiber? Oh I know what's more annoying...the toilet paper rolling around the back instead of the front. Someone will love this....right???

And after a long day of internet shopping, what could be more refreshing than a Bakon chocolate martini? Mmmmm.....


  1. Have you seen "HanderPants"? http://www.handerpants.com/ I'm sure you'll want to buy a set for the whole family -- brown striping optional

  2. I'm gonna vote for trailer trasheriffic. And that, as a proponent of both bacon and vodka.

    My lord, imagine throwing that up? Mmmm hangover.

    I actually know some people that deserve to be gifted some of this stuff though. Christmas a little easier! ;) Thanks doll.


  3. The site that has the bread slippers also has bacon-flavored envelopes. How cool is that.


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