Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coming Apart at the Seams (or My Life the Past Few Weeks)

Now that the seams are all sewn-up on the first craft fair of the season, I have pause to ponder the goings-on in my life the past few weeks while I was hunched over the sewing machine. I'm not one to spend a lot of time overly back-stitching fabric that's already been sewn, but I do think it's good for me to review old patterns, pick up a thread of knowledge from past mistakes, and trim away some of the tension that's been needling me. Even if you don't have a notion about sewing lingo, read on -- I promise to stop with the sew-speak...seriously...this is no fabrication.

* For the past week, I have been waking up (with the aid of my new BFF, Juan Valdez) at 4:30am to sew a bit before work. My cats, who are normally fed at 6:30, think that because Mama is up early, that food must also be up early. Three whining cats circling the sewing machine operated by an under-caffeinated woman is a bad idea. They are lucky I didn't throw in a last minute display of kitty-fur leg warmers. You know I'm just kidding...right? Or am I???? ;)

* In addition to the pre-work sewing session, I've actively participated in a little happy-hour sewing when I get home from work (although if any kicky beverages were to be enjoyed, they were served-up after operating sharp, mechanical needles -- safety first, people). Thank goodness for mothers and husbands who take care of dinnerly arrangements or our family would have eaten cereal and Bugles every night. Seriously.

* I believe I have earned my black belt in listmaking. Over the past few weeks, I have successfully juggled six-eight lists at the same time. I'm thinking of running away and joining the circus -- and not just because I am an excellent list-juggler. I'm also pretty side-show strange in general. Just sayin'.

* I've neglected my toes. The polish is so chipped, the nails now look like a series of Rorschach inkblot tests.

* At the craft fair yesterday, I discovered my demographic appears to be teenage girls and women with multiple piercings. Both of aforementioned groups were eclipsed by the sweatsuit-clad, crochet dishtowel-purchasing crowd that overtook the place. I haven't decided if I should consider my shortage in sales a compliment to the hipness of my products or if I should just sew some calico bird feeder cozies for the next round of shows.

Well, at least today I can relax and enjoy a sewing-free day. What will I do? Maybe paint my toenails, play with the cats, enjoy my family, and make a couple of new lists. I'm ironing out few other ideas....nothing pressing. Gotta bolt!


  1. Ang, you are the best writer in the universe! I am so glad our paths crossed :)

  2. I agree with Shelly! You never fail to brighten my day Angie. I always leave here with a chuckle and a smile. After all, it was you who introduced me to "LOL I Haz Cheezburger"; another reason why I am so heartily ashamed for taking so long to showcase the honor bestowed upon me a few weeks ago!! I have a confession...I forgot. Now I want to make amends but I just posted a giveaway on both blogs so it will be a little longer before I do my assigns. :) Please rest assured my funny friend that it is DEEPLY appreciated.

    P.S. You're welcome to come sign up for the "Frugal Luxuries" books give away (hope we're still friends, even after my blatant forgetfulness)! xox


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