Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Thimble Overfloweth

My blog has been enjoying a bit of a late summer vacation. Between the garage sale, the trip to Texas, the addition of hours at work, getting the kids ready to head back to school, and the general stuff of life, the bloggity blog has been napping in the back seat. That's ok -- I've actually been considering retooling it, adding some spice and flair. I recently saw Julie and Julia and loved the whole idea of Julie Powell working her way through the Julia Child cookbook and blogging about it. I'm not interested in that activity in particular, but I love the idea of setting a goal and the accountability and joy of sharing it with others. I thought about perhaps trying something new every day and then documenting my experiences here. I've recently come to realize that my health is on an upward swing so there's a big part of me that feels as if I have a semi-clean slate in many areas of my life. The activities and goals I once imagined I couldn't do because I wouldn't have the stamina, suddenly feel reachable. This realization inspires me to actually try some of these things. The list isn't as dramatic as what I'd call a bucket list....more like a thimble list, although I guess I've never heard of anyone "kicking the thimble." Oh well, at this point in my life, why should I start making sense now? Maybe I take a more scenic route that I've never driven, even though it takes a half-hour longer than my usual one. Perhaps I learn how to sew a nice button-hole. Maybe I read a book that is outside of my typical genre. I don't know. At this point I'm just taking the stir fry of thoughts out of my big old wok-head and serving them up here. I just know that I want to blog more regularly about things that are exciting and important to me, no matter how small they may seem. And I want to celebrate my life more often than I already do. There. Now pass the soy sauce.


  1. I find you very interesting 'as is', but I can wrap my gossamer thread sanity around this concept. I look forward to whatever you lay down on here. I always admire your view.

  2. Sounds interesting and inspiring - we'll keep checking in


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