Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ganache Panache with a Side of Ylang Ylang

I love words, which is most likely one of the reasons why I enjoy writing. One can make a statement that sounds rather bland and straightforward, but -- with a little bit of pepper from the word grinder -- the same point can be communicated with far more panache. And call me a big weirdo, but if I like the sound of a word, I will often repeat it three or four times, just to feel its velvety splendor roll around in my mouth like vintage wine and then gracefully trickle off my tongue. Here are some of the words that tickle my fancy.

ylang ylang

Now I shall use all of these savory words in a story.

Matilda was a a conundrum of a woman. She was a known persnickity eater who ate nothing but chimichangas at each meal. Her salacious friend, Trixy, who lived a lifestyle dripping with both debauchery and melancholy, could no longer bear witness to Matilda's pathological diet. In an effort to rescue Matilda from her chimichanga-chosen diet, Trixy stormed into Taco Bell, reeking of ylang ylang, pushed past the smarmy manager, and yanked Matilda out of the corner booth. Not a loquacious woman, Trixy simply shoved a truffle into Matilda's protesting mouth. Although Matilda initially attempted to expel the ganache-filled nugget, she soon softened and submitted to its sensual seduction. Trixy then led Matilda out of the restaurant, into the foggy night that was only slightly illuminated by opaque moonlight. Trixy apologized for the drastic measures necessary to release Matilda from the clutches of the chimichanga and Matilda apologized for making Trixy miss her annual spelunking trip. THE END

Sayonara!! that's a good word too!

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