Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mind Smoothie with a Boost of Random

My life feels full lately -- in a good way -- but full nonetheless. Today is one of those days where I sit and ponder for an extended period of time about what I'd like to expel upon my blog page... and frankly, what part of my extra-chunky thoughts readers would care about wading though today. So, remaining true to my sometimes smorgasbord-style of cognitive meandering, here's a sip of my daily mind smoothie.

* Bananagrams is my new fixation. Have you played it yet? One word: Don't. You'll wake up the next morning in word-game rehab with dark circles under your eyes, shouting "peel! peel! peel!" Save yourself now. You surely don't want that Bananagram-hungry monkey on your back.

* Last night I dreamt that I woke up and saw two huge rats in my bed. One calico-colored one was biting my finger ever so lightly, but I couldn't shake him off my hand. I remember feeling a little alarmed, but more concerned with calling the Orkin man. Is this a sign that I need to exterminate the metaphorical vermin from my life? Shake my anxieties? Release my repressed feelings about my past? Oh yeah, I forgot to buy cheese yesterday. Rats!

* I've been very busy with sewing projects. I created some bags, pillow covers, a curtain valance and am considering some window panels in the living room and chair cushions for the dining room. A friend and I were joking about making velvet jumpsuits for the cats. Wouldn't that be a stitch? He he....

* Project Grow My Hair Out is in full swing. It is actually looking fairly fetching, even in the awkward stages. It's been so short for so many years that I've forgotten how naturally curly it is. Right now it resembles a look that is somewhere in between Annie Potts in Designing Women and Detective Dave Starsky of Starsky and Hutch (circa 1975).

The End


  1. As you grow out your short locks, I keep getting mine snipped. Not too short, though. I have big hips and a teeny head. Short hair makes it appear I've had a run in with a witch doctor and his shrunken head elixir.

  2. LOL about the rats. Funny and true story for you. My sister bought her daughter two pet rats recently. They had one previously that died unexpectedly.

    The problem with the new rats was that they were babies and therefore much smaller than the original rat. One of them liked to get out of the wire cage by simply squeezing between the bars. So they rigged it up with chicken wire and who knows what else to try to keep the rat contained.

    One night my sister woke up in the middle of the night with her daughter up on her bed holding a rat in her face.

    "Mom! I just woke up to my rat sleeping in my bed. Do YOU want to sleep with her?!?!?"

    The rats went back to the pet shop the next morning.

  3. Marissa, perhaps your locks are magically appearing on my head. Wouldn't that be freaking weird??? Yeah, I'm deep this morning...

    Kathy, that story freaks me out in a major way. I shudder to think of an actual rat in my bed...


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