Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let a Loafing Cat Lie

Yesterday I noticed how particularly lackadaisical and sassy-mouthed my cats have become. They lounge around all day, demonstrate beastly manners at the food bowl and don't pick up their toys. We bought them fresh catnip last week and do you think they thanked us? I decided these lethargic loaves need summer jobs to occupy their time and teach them responsibility and work ethic. Unfortunately, they did not share my enthusiasm.

I expected resistance from Phoebe.

I thought Cosmo might give in if I asked nicely. Guess not.

By the time I got to Saffy, I threw in the towel and tossed out the want-ads.


  1. Hmmm there must be something in the catnip supply. My cats are extremely lazy and have taken to sleeping on my bed. They never used to do that. Weirrrrrd.

  2. Saffy's picture is great.

    You actually thought they'd agree to jobs? Yeah, you must have been at the catnip.

  3. I love these Angie!! Sooo true. We have a twinkie lover too!


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