Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Scored a BINGO With These Scrabble Products

To which I've alluded approximately 28379273 times, I'm a Scrabble geek. Although strictly a social living room player, I'm toying with the idea of purchasing a timer. I think the tension and excitement of the ticking timer (well, the new timers are digital, so I'm referring to the metaphorical ticking) is exhilarating, but will likely feed my anxiety and perhaps push me closer toward a Xanax prescription. Alas, I must have one. As I scanned the Scrabble sites for timers, I became entranced with the stockpile of Scrabble stuff available to both the casual and competitive word nerd. In case anyone wants to purchase a nifty word gifty for moi, here is my personal vernacular gift registry.

This bag from Zazzle cracks me up. Word to your tile bag.

These earrings from Eclectic Elements are da bomb. You can even choose your own letters for the tiles. What if I chose two blank ones?

Love this shirt from Word Gear. I just have to remember to not wear it when I am playing because my opponents might be wearing their cheater pants*.

*Cheater pants not available at Word Gear.

Although I don't think my rack compares to this lady's, I would totally wear this shirt from Zazzle.


  1. Love Scrabble! What a great post, and especially lovin' the earrings (and your idea for blanks). Could these become the scrabble player's equivalent of an ace up the sleeve? If so, can the hole in the tile be safely blamed on the cats???

  2. Love scrabble, although I'm not all that good at it.

    The earrings are great. I've seen people make things like that when they find extra game pieces at yard sales or some such. I'd want to add the extra pieces to my own game board. (Would that be cheating?)


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