Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skittle-Flavored Lip Gloss?? Really, Facebook??

When perusing the pathways in Facebookland, I always notice the targeted ads that appear on the sidebar. An interesting lineup of four-eyed babies and hip-hop yoga albums (???) greet me as I scan my friends' status lines. I can't help but notice the number of ads that promise me that I'll look 10 years younger by using their magic salve or that, perhaps, I can aspire to Jennifer-Anistonesque beauty by enveloping my head in a cloud of cigarette smoke. I recently saw a sidebar ad that tried to entice me with graphic before and after belly-shots of a woman who had sloughed off inches of cellulite by using a particular product. They must have known that that's what I wanted to look at whilst enjoying my first cup of morning java. And only today I noticed an offer to receive free samples of Skittle-flavored lip balm... because I must have noted my affinity toward makeup designed for 8-year old girls on my Info page, right? I have to laugh when I think about Facebook's attempt, through targeted advertising, to paint a picture of who I am and what interests me. Based on what they've drummed up, I must be an overweight, wrinkled, chain-smoking, candy-flavored-lip-balm-wearing, hip-hop-yoga enthusiast (I didn't even list yoga or hip-hop as one of my interests). I have never once clicked on these ads. Sorry, Facebook -- you have failed in your attempts to pigeonhole me as a four-eyed baby lover who enjoys counting triangles.

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  1. Hi Angie, I'm relatively new at Facebook (as you probably know :) and have noticed all those crazy adds on the peripherals too. You put it so well...what in the world are they thinking we think about (perhaps they think we don't thing). Anyway...felt compelled to comment (as usual). I'm scrolling down to look at the baby animal pics you posted earlier this week to try and forget about the skittle flavored lip gloss. (Now, if it'd been M&M flavored...).
    Enjoy your coffee and your day.


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