Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daily Dose of Fuzzy Eye Candy

As I've previously mentioned, I love looking at photos of adorable animals. Today I thought I'd share some of my most recent squee-worthy findings. No captions necessary here -- simply enjoy!

Now try and have a bad day!!


  1. Hi Angie! Love, love, LOVE these pictures! The tiny kitten in the palm of a human hand reminds me of my first cat (found many moons ago...before husband and/or children). She was smaller than the one in the picture, if you can believe it. Probably a new born. I brought her home and cleaned her eyes (they hadn't even opened yet). I fed her (on demand :) from an eyedropper--and carried her on my shoulder--for months. My first experience at motherhood ;-) but much easier than the real thing, as I'm sure you know!!

    You're right...who could have a bad day after viewing these amazing pictures?! Thanks so much for starting my day out just right.


    P.S. Love the squirrel picture as it reminds me of my own daily visitors (one of whom just reminded me I need to put our peanuts :)!


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