Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mind Monkey Business

As I was thinking about what sort of blog-worthy business to share this morning, the mind monkeys just wouldn't pipe down -- it was like a mind monkey version of The View going on in my head. So... I decided to ditch the idea of coming up with an idea and just unload my jumble-monkey brain cargo in the form of tidy little bullet points; enjoy the randomliciousness.

* I have always had a love/hate relationship with optical illusions. They drive me absolutely bonkers, but I can never look away from them. The artistic side of me loves the concept of multiple possibilities, but the control freak in me wants an absolute resolution on whether the picture depicts a vase or two silhouettes. If you like optical illusions or, like me, enjoy torturing yourself, check out this blog. And don't even get me started on the Magic Eye pictures. I never have been able to see anything hidden in those splotchy spectacles. My eye must not be very magical.

* Those of you with kids in school or activities are probably all too familiar with fundraisers. I understand the need for the raising of funds, but I'd much rather write a check than order a $12 pizza that tastes like ketchup-covered cardboard. I was quite pleased with the blast-from-the-past "World's Finest Chocolate" fundraiser my son brought home this year. I remember selling these delicious chocolate bars when I was a kid. I did note that they had doubled in price and shrunk in size. Now I refer to these still delicious, yet overpriced bars as "World's Finest Rip-Off." Why can't the schools offer fundraisers that parents can really buy into? I'd pay good money for an hour or two in a quiet room with a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle book.

* I recently bought some bird seed and suet from a local dollar store. The finches and nuthatches that frequent my feeders must have some sort of posh palate because they are turning their beaks up at the cut-rate fare. Well, they can take their high-falutin' feathered fannies next door. I know I'm less than a mile from Crazytown because I'm trash-talking birds.


  1. hahaha I agree with the fundraiser comments. My sister in law is up to her eyeballs in overpriced chocolate for her child's playgroup..He hasn't even got to school age and it begins.. I think we will be sucked in to buying a carton of the evil stuff ;)

  2. My mind monkeys are on the same limb as your mind monkeys today. I have 5 nephews and a niece who CONSTANTLY "need help to save their schools". I pay $20. The school gets a dime and I get dollar store bird seed. ?? Can't I just send the school the $20?
    Magic Eye: I've never been able to see the name Jesus in the random wooden sculpture and therefore, my salvation always seemed a bit shaky to "friends".. gotta love the south!
    Thanks for the Sunday morning read Angie!

  3. *I like most optical illusion pictures. The ones that you have to "unfocus" your eyes for are the hardest for me, and I have to take my glasses off for them of course. I have been frustrated by the last couple I tried to "see" as I could never get the picture to come out for me. The hubs...heck, he can just look at it and there it is. Men!!!

    *I don't have kids, but remember having to deal with coworkers and that candy. They have gotten smaller haven't they? But that chocolate is oh so good. That's how they sucker us in. They know we can't resist. It's a conspiracy I tell you...

    *Don't get me started on the birds and how picky they are. Jeez, do they think we are made of money?!?!?

  4. My mind monkeys are taking over the zoo this morning.

    I could never see those stupid Magic eye pictures either and I worked at a bookstore during the height of that craze. Oh the fruitless hours I spent staring at those!


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