Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Here she goes again.... another post about cats acting like humans... Well, simmer down - it's my blog and if these preposterous posts accomplish nothing more than to feed my folly (for hours on end), so be it.

Phoebe is our youngest cat and - by far- demonstrates the greatest amount of quirky behavior. Topping the list is the uncontrollable belly laughter she zealously spews at the most inappropriate moments. After a series of calamitous events, last of which being her torrent of unruly guffawing while Cosmo was waiting his turn at the National Spelling Bee. He was so shaken by the time he reached the microphone, that he had to be led off the stage with a catnip mouse. After that final shenanigan, she packed her bags and lefthome for a stretch of time to "find herself." During that period, she tried her paw at a variety of vocations, hoping to find a place where her peculiar behavior might serve a purpose.

Since she was an avid reader, she thought the job of a librarian would be a perfect fit. Her stint lasted two hours because she couldn't say the term Dewey Decimal without doubling over.

Next, she decided the position of flight attendant would be an exciting endeavor. After all, weren't people happy when they were on vacation? Unfortunately, most passengers don't enjoy safety instructions being giggled in between lecturing tones from the captain's cockpit. She was immediately escorted off the plane.

Her drive not yet deflated, she insisted she needed a really serious job in order to kick her howling habit. She interviewed for weeks and finally landed an outstanding opportunity as a surgical nurse. She never made it past passing the scalpel.

In a final effort to hook her niche, she took a job as a judge in a county courthouse. She soon learned that successful judges do not tehee at the word, "pro bono."

After exhausting all the possibilities of what she thought would be her ultimate occupation, she returned home, slipped on her Snuggie and decided her uncontrollable laughter would be best spent on old episodes of Gilligan's Island.


  1. This proves that our cats are, indeed, home-schooled.

  2. The snuggie picture was a big hit with Madison. All of them were funny, but we found that one to be FRICKIN' HILARIOUS. :) Phoebe and I have a lot in common. I, too, snicker at Dewey Decimal AND pro bono!

  3. I can't wait to see all those cats!


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